Nicolas Wettstein was born on March 30th 1981 in Basel, Switzerland. Nicolas holds three passports and has chosen to compete for Ecuador in 2011 after having represented Switzerland at the top level for over 10 years. Nicolas speaks 5 languages: French, German, Swiss-German, English and Spanish.

 Framoni Stud

Framoni comes from the contraction of 3 first names: FRA for Frank Wettstein, MO for Monique Deyme and NI for Nicolas Wettstein. Monique Deyme : "My mother. She is my coach and my trainer in Jumping and Cross-Country as well as being my sponsor! She rode at international level in Eventing in the 80s and recently released a book: “ Eventing: User’s guide” (2010). She is the breeder of all FRAMONI horses."




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Year of birth

Nadeville Merzé SF, born in 2001, bought at age 5 to a local breeder in Cluny.
He is nicknamed “Nadou”. Nadou has amazing movement but he can be quite fearful and emotional. He is always very dutiful and always tries his best for me, but he can also lose his nerves with no real explanation. He is very straight-forward but very careful on the cross-country. His canter could sometimes be better. Nadou is at his best in long tests when he can get into a rhythm. He is very scopy in show-Jumping tests but, like is the case on Cross-Country courses, he easily gets time penalties .

Onzième Framoni CS, CS, was born in 2002. He is a issued from family stud “Framoni”.
Onzieme’s nickname is « Onzi». Onzi is a Show-Jumping superstar and a pure genious on the Cross-Country. Unfortunately, he lacks “look” in dressage and never ranks well. Hard work can partially make up for it, especially during the most challenging dressage tests. Onzi is very brave, eager and responsive but can also have just a little bit too strong a personality!

Before competing at 3* and 4* level with Nadou and Onzi, Nicolas had already competed at the highest level with Cap du Tremblay whith whom he got selected for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Nicolas also rode Family stud stallion Fandsy and the good mare Easily up to 3* level, as well as Haïfa Berence and Kourou Framoni to 2* level.
At lower level, Nicolas got great results with Camarel, Punchy Boy, Obole Framoni, and Pixel Framoni.
His first Eventing ride was Virgule a Shetland mare with whom he took part in his first French Championship in 1991 at the age of 10!