Nicolas Wettstein was born on March 30th 1981 in Basel, Switzerland. Nicolas holds three passports and has chosen to compete for Ecuador in 2011 after having represented Switzerland at the top level for over 10 years. Nicolas speaks 5 languages: French, German, Swiss-German, English and Spanish.

 Framoni Stud

Framoni comes from the contraction of 3 first names: FRA for Frank Wettstein, MO for Monique Deyme and NI for Nicolas Wettstein. Monique Deyme : "My mother. She is my coach and my trainer in Jumping and Cross-Country as well as being my sponsor! She rode at international level in Eventing in the 80s and recently released a book: “ Eventing: User’s guide” (2010). She is the breeder of all FRAMONI horses."